Friday, August 9, 2013

Nobody Touches My Sister And Gets Away With It

At this point in my life, I don't think I have met anyone who hasn't been a affected by cancer in some way. Either, they have had it themselves, or a friend or family member has. My best friend's father died of lung cancer, a good friend was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and my own father fought melanoma. Twice.

 It's sad, but it's true. Cancer is everywhere. Now it's closer than I ever thought it would be. My younger sister has it. Breast Cancer. When I say it out loud, it's still hard to believe.

I remember when she told me she found something that didn't seem right. I told her what everyone else was telling her. "I'm sure it's nothing. The doctor will check it out and you will be fine." "YOU WILL BE FINE."  I was wrong.

Big sisters are supposed to protect and look out for little sisters. It's part of the job. You assure them the Boogieman is not real. You stand up for them when someone is mistreating them. You love them and keep them safe.

I remember one night many years ago. My sister was  a teenager and in my early twenties. She was outside with friends and came inside because some girl had either punched her in the face or threatened to punch her. I can't remember which, but I remember storming outside and asking "who punched my sister?" I was told who the offender was and grabbing that girl by the throat, pinning her up against the side of my house and yelling at her " Don't you EVER lay a finger on my sister! EVER! Nobody touches my sister and gets away with it."

Sure we fight and yell at each other. We don't agree on everything and sometimes we say things that we don't mean to each other.

Little sisters steal clothes and toys and makeup and other stuff from big sisters and big sisters tattle-tale and tease little sisters. It's all part of that special sisterly bond, but the end of the day, no matter what, you always have each other's back.
We can be screaming at each other one minute and storming out of the house, but hours later, we are back to restart and it's like nothing ever happened.

I would do anything for my little sister. ANYTHING. I would push her out of speeding traffic, keep her deepest secrets, let her cry on my shoulder, lie for her.

I'd do anything in my power to save my sister, only now I am powerless.  Now is the one time  I couldn't keep my little sister safe. I couldn't  stop this monster from attacking her. I never felt so helpless. I want to take it all away from her. I want to take her place and God help me, I would if I could.

I know I need to be strong for her.  Her battle has just begun. I can't take away the cancer, but I can be there for her. I WILL be there for her. I'm going to stand along side her and pray for her and let her know that I am here for her. Most of all, I will tell her how much I love her, every chance I get. I may be the older sister, but I admire my sister and sometimes she protects ME.

My sister is strong and she will win. When she does, she will be stronger. I'm proud of her and how positive she is. She's a fighter. She's not going to let this keep her from living her life as she is. I'm going to be right there to make sure she does. It's all I can do.

I may not be able to push cancer up against the house, but as I said that night years ago, "Nobody touches my sister and gets away with it." So back off, cancer. You've hurt many people, but this time you've messed with the wrong person.