Monday, October 5, 2015

A Return To Covington Cove: My Review of ALL OF ME by Kelly Moran

All Of Me is the second book in the Covington Cove series by Kelly Moran, which began with book one: Return to Me.

Though characters from book one are a big part of All Of Me, it centers on two new people not in Return To Me,  Alec, who is a best-selling writer of horror fiction stuck with a bad case of writer's block, and Faith, a young woman starting a new beginning for herself, away from her home.

Alec is strong, but sensitive, a quality I very much appreciate seeing in a lead male.
Faith is sweet, shy and a bit vulnerable.  I admit at first I was not sure I could see these two as a couple.

Both Alec and Faith have come to Covington Cove in Wilmington, NC for their own reasons. Alec, for his brother's wedding and Faith to take on a position as a care giver for Mia Covington's younger sister.

Mia was the heroine of Return to Me and it was nice to see her and Cole again and know their story continues to be a happy one.

Now back to Alec and Faith. Both of these people have some heavy emotional baggage.
Alec has been through a rough past which has caused him to withdraw from any real emotional connection with a woman. Faith has never felt loved by anyone, including her own parents.

The connection between the two of them starts out slow, but builds as the story moves forward.

I'm glad Kelly Moran knows how to write a realistic story and write it well, NO two people like Alec and Faith would come together in real life without some obstacles in their way and Ms Moran shows this in a way that is believable.

I felt Faith's insecurities as if they were my own and I sympathized with Alec's plight.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet story about letting go of the past, moving on and letting your heart be your guide.

You can find it here on Amazon in Kindle and paperback