Monday, July 26, 2010

What's Happening in the Big Brother House?

                       WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!!

Ok, so here we are into week 3 of Big Brother season 12. So far, I am not impressed with the Houseguests this year,  but I must say Julie Chen looks fab after giving birth to her baby,though.

After 2 weeks of trying to decide who I want to win this, I still can't say I have a clear choice. However, I do have a alot to say about these people.
                                         THE HOUSEGUESTS
Brendon: Poor sap. He has fallen for a girl he only met a few weeks ago and follows her around like a lost puppy. I wish he would grow a pair and start playing this game for himself. He just might gain some friends and get off everyone's hit list.

Rachel: Blech- my first thoughts were "here is this year's bimbo". That annoying laugh, the ridiculous boobs, the too-red hair. Then there are the clothes. What, you can't afford pants on the salary you make? But she is smart when it comes to doing what she needs to get far in this game. I have no doubt, if Brendon were voted out, she would step it up even more and be very dangerous to the rest of the players.
These 2 together are a target. Obviously, everyone knows they are out to protect each other, but each would benefit more from playing solo. If Rachel is evicted, Brendon will most likely fall to pieces and be completely useless. If Brendon goes, Rachel will move on. And Possibly win. Neither is being very smart. Just my opinion.
Now as for everyone else:

Ragan: I really like him, but he needs to stop worrying so much about other's feelings.I see him getting hurt emotionally, primarily because of Matt and his lie about his wife.

Matt: Now I know he is not the first to lie in this game and he most certainly will not be the last, but using his wife is not too cool in my book. However, I still like him as a player and I can forgive him and get over it-I hope Ragan can.

Lane: well, not much to say about him. I like him. I think he is a kinda funny, friendly guy and would love to hang out and have a beer with him. But this is Big Brother and he has a game to play-so I say PLAY IT. don't rely on your "Brigade" buddies to keep you afloat. He is the only one without someone outside that alliance  to support him(besides Enzo, but I'll get to him next)

Enzo: the Jersey boy. Now, I am from Jersey,myself and find his humor very enjoyable, but again, he should be thinking about winning, not being a comedian. Another person in the Brigade who has no outside alliance. He and Lane need to secretly team up.

Britney: I know alot of people dislike her because of the way she talked about other players, but I personally found it hysterical. I couldn't stop laughing at her and Lane "role playing" as Brendon and Rachel . I think since Monet is gone, she is making more friends and I would like to see her win an HOH.

Kristen: oh, Kristen, you sneaky litttle girl. Not sure what to make of your plans,but I know you have something stirring in that head of yours and I can't wait to see it come into play. Just feel bad for the boyfriend you left at home because of your secret "showmance"with Hayden. So far, Andrew and Kathy know and it'sonly a matter of time before the other HG's do. You will only be able to hide it for so long. And I have a feeling if you vote out Andrew this week, he will call you both out on it.

Hayden: a pretty good player that needs a pretty good haircut! Hooked on Kristen, how long will he be able to keep his relationship with her from his fellow Brigade members? And how will they react when they find out?

Kathy: I like Kathy. I know she isn't a good competitor, but she is a nice lady. She is in it for the right reasons,but unfortunately I don't see her winning.

Andrew: Keeping himself off from the rest of the house hasn't done much for his game, but now he is coming out of hiding ,but it may be too late. If he avoids this week's eviction, he may have to play hard and fast to make another week. He did show strength in that endurance HOH by making final 3 and I think he has been holding back. Also, kudos to him to sticking to his faith. It must not be easy in that house!
And this brings us to our first 2 evictees:

Annie: I liked her and wish she could have survived the first eviction. CBS's big twist "The Saboteur" was out so fast I think Allison Grodner and Co didnt know what hit them. It would have made for a lot better entertainment had she stayed. I sure hope CBS has something else up their sleeves.

Monet: Poor Monet. Not. I would have felt sorry for her if I felt she were a nicer person. And maybe in real life" she is.In fact, I am SURE she is, but she was way too catty in the house. And when nominated, it was way too late to try to mend fence. Her eviction was the best thing for Britney, even if Brit doesn' t know it yet.Every season there ia an evicted house guest who most people instantly forget the minute they walk out that door.I predict that in a few weeks we will be saying, "Monet-who?"
                                                     THE GAME
I can't understand why every season these people say "we have to get out___" and then when the opportunity arises, they let it go. Keeping a strong competitor is a dumb move. That's how Will and Dick made it. Everyone wanted them gone,but were either afraid to be the one or passed on the chance. How about someone makes a bold move and just puts up Rachel and Brendon. I want action, not words! I say Britney wins HOH, nominates Brendon and Rachel and hopefully neither wins pov. If one does, the other goes. Matt's plan was dumb from the start and completely backfired. He didnt gain any trust and now Andrew or Kathy may go. Now personally, I like Andrew,but I think it's smarter to get rid of him now. His game will only improve if he sticks around.
Don't use the mindset that "there are plenty of others gunning for them" (Brendon and Rachel)because we have learned from past seasons that that doesn't always work out.
I think sometimes these people forget what it was like when they watched past seasons. If you are an avid watcher and try out for this show, you should have intensely studied the past season and tried to learn from past houseguest's mistakes and hopefully tried not to repeat them.

Well, I still don't have a favorite and I am not sure I ever will.One thing I am certain of: I am still addicted to this show or I would not be up till 3 am every night watching Showtime for Big Brother After Dark.

Friday, July 23, 2010

UPS AND DOWNS (on The scale of life)

 I have pretty much been trying to lose weight for most of my adult life.
 I have done Nutri System (back when you picked up your food once a week at your weigh-in) I hated the food, never attended a single meeting, but still managed to lose 27 lbs.But I got to a point where I had to stop. It became too exspensive and I found myself buying the food and tossing it in the dumpster out back (no lie). But I looked good. I am not ashamed to admit it. I looked DAMN good! People noticed,too.I went out and bought new clothes, including a bikini(the first I could buy without a struggle) and I enjoyed my newfound "skinnyness". I went to bars and clubs with friends and for once guys were checking ME out. ME! Whoohoo! It felt amazing. But alas, it didn't last. Eventually, I put some of the weight back on-not all-but some. So I went back tofinding something else.
There was Slimfast: I was still hungry an dended up eating AND drinking the shakes. (not a good idea)
There was my grand idea to eat one big meal everyday. I lost some, but not alot and really, that was just not healthy.
Then I had my hear broken: ooh, a good one for me because when I am depressed, I dont eat. I can't eat. So I lost a few pounds there. But once I moved on, I started eating and of course, I gained some weight.
Now I am not a tall girl, in fact I am really short: 5 feet on the nose. So you can imagine it's pretty hard to lose weight when every pound shows. I also happen to be a little ,well, "well endowed" on top. Have been all my life. Those "girls" pretty much stay the same size no matter what happens to my body. Now some women complain that when they diet, they lose weight in their breasts, but not me. And of course, having a big bust makes me look heavier. So the struggle went on.
There was Weight Watchers: probably one of the easiest to follow. Just count my points. And that one actually allowed me to eat REAL FOOD. yahoo! I lost over 35 lbs. Even after I stopped attending weigh-ins and just doing it at home. Once again Ilooked good. And once again I went and bought a new bikini. I must say I was happy with myself. I started getting noticed by the opposite sex again and began dating again. Then I met HIM. The man I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. The one I have referred to on thismblog in the past as X.
 Now we all know how it goes, you are single and you do everything to make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex. At least that was me. But after you are in a relationship for a while, you tend to get "comfortable" with your self. You start to let go a little. First, you let your partner see you in sweats and t shirts. "Hey, why not be comfortable? We're just hanging at home." Right? Then there's the makeup. Or lack thereof. "Hey, why should I put on makeup to sit and watch TV or a dvd? He has already seen me without it, right? " But sometimes, it doesn't stop there. Sometimes you get a little "too" comfortable. And you say "hey, I already have him, so I can stop obsessing about my weight. He's my boyfriend. H eloves me for who I am."and that's what happened. I didn't consider the fact that even though I fought like Hell to lose weight, I would so easily put it right back on. And I did. Not a lot.At first. But enough that I wasn't happy with my appearance. It also didn't help that X had a very high metabolish and could pretty much eat whatever he cared to and not gain a pound. I mean candy, ice cream, you name it. Now how can you diet when your partner is eating all kinds of fast food and goodies in front of you? And decides at 9 pm that Baskin Robbins would be a great idea?
Then came the break up. Well, remember earlier when I said when I am depressed I  can't eat? Well, I lost lbs, the week after X broke up with me. But guess what? Eventually I got over it. HA! Food was my freind once again. Only this time, I wasn't out looking for anyone else (I still was hurt and not looking for a new love) So I did,'t really care what I looked like. I began to stop worrying altogether because as I stated "I am not dating anyone, I am just going to enjoy being single. I can do what I want. When I want.Eat what I want. Nobody to answer to. Yup.Like George Michael once sang "FREE....DOOOM, FREE...DOOOM" But with that freedom of eating what I want came....  weight gain. And this time it was HUGE. I became HUGE. The heaviest ever. But I went on. I even accepted the fact I had to buy bigger clothing sizes. I just let myself go.
Then I finally got to the point where I looked at myself. REALLY looked at myself. And I didn't like what I saw. Probably turning 40 had something to do with it. Freedom was fun.(it still is, actually) but I want to have freedom AND look good. I mean, at some point I will want someone in my life. (Plus, I kinda miss the looks from cute strangers)
So, I am about to embark on something new. A new diet. And this time I am committed. I am not doing it for a man, or to find a man, or for anyone else but ME. And really that is the most important thing. I want to feel good about MYself. Now I know it's going to tough. It took me several years to pack on these pounds, it's going to take some time for it to come off. ButI am a fighter. When I truly want something, I go after it. And guess what? I already lost seven pounds. Yup. Seven. Yay,me! So hopefully, the next time I weigh myself I will have lost more. I am not giving up.  I have found the strength to do this and I have positive feelings. It took a lot to publicly admit I am very overweight.  But by admitting it, I OWN it. And that is the first step. I will keep posting. Now maybe nobody is reading this, but thats ok,too. Like I said ,I am doing it for me.But maybe somebody is reading. And maybe,just maybe,that someone is not happy about something in their life. Maybe it's their weight. Maybe it's something else.And maybe they will read this and I will inspire them to make the changes they need to. And I still have that second bikini. My goal is to get back into it. Not necessarily for anyone to see, but just to prove to myself I can. :0