Sunday, October 9, 2016

It's Not Always Our Words, But How We Choose To Use Them

In the past 2 days, I have been reading a lot (and also commenting) on the recently uncovered "Trump Tape" recording from 2005 of Republican Presidential nominee, Donald Trump and interviewer, Billy Bush dicussing Trump's opinion on how he can use his "celebrity status" to get women to do pretty much anything he wants.

Some comments I have seen and received have been:

" All guys talk like that."
"It's just locker room banter."
"His opinion of my gender doesn't matter to me."

and my favorite:

"If that talk offends you, you should just become a lesbian."

Now, I know Trump has issued an apology for what he said, but was he sorry he said it? Or just sorry we had to hear it? Trump obviously knew he was being recorded , as he was asked to take off his mic by Bush at the end and he is heard responding "Oh, are we done here?", which kind of rules out "Locker room banter" because he knew he was in a sort of interview situation with a person from the public media.
It obviously didn't bother him (or a laughing Bush) that what he was saying could possibly be released at some point, which kind of begs the question of why hasn't it? Did it get edited out because it obviosly does not paint him in a good light? Of course, he was not running for any office at that time, but I am sure anyone who heard that at any point would agree it is not becoming of a man in the spotlight.

I'm going to take a minute to consider how also in the past 2 days our current President, Barack Obame, who nobody can deny DOES in fact hold women (and all genders) in a high regard, just signed the Sexual Assault Survivor's Rights Act into law.

Now think for a bit of any such bill would have even been considered if Trump was our president? I highly doubt it, At the very least, it certainly would not be a priority on his "to do" list.

Now back to "All guys talk like that."  Like what? Like brag about how they can "grab them by the pussy"? It's funny, because when I think of ANY man talking like that, the first person to come to mind, is Brock Turner, the convicted rapist that had he not been caught mid-assault of an unconscious woman, would possible have been making similar claims in HIS locker room the next day or so.
What I am saying is that is not the kind of talk you hear from "every guy", I'm sorry. I'm just not buying that line of garbage excuses.

How about "His opininion of my gender doesn't affect me."
Really? Well , actually I do believe that how a man views and talks about women will definitely be reflected in how he operates in office. It's how he will decide on bills to sign off on, laws that are brought forward or considered and who he decides to appoint to the Supreme Court. Don't think it doesn't matter because it absolutely does and will. A person doesn't change the way they feel deep down inside and let's face it, this audio tape only comfirms what most of us already know: Donald Trump is a misogynist and always was. Why would he change now? This recording could have been made in 2005, but it may as well been yesterday. He still talks down to and about women.

Lastly, I will adress the remark that "If you are offended by this, you might as well become a lesbian because all me talk like this."

Well I will say first, that if you think the word "PUSSY" offends me then you don't know me at all. I have heard and said worse, myself. It's not always your words, but how you choose to use them.

Secondly, I do not feel sexually orientation is a choice I can make or change and even if it were, if any of the assholes I have dated or had sex with didn't make me want to become a lesbian, I do not think anything will.

But what do I know? I'm just a woman. A voter. I not only have a vagina, but I have a voice and a vote. I have already used both in this election, I'm not going to stop now.

Redheads may not ALWAYS Know Best, we our opinions should count.