Tuesday, February 1, 2011

E. Van Lowe has a new challenge for YOU!

Author, E. Van Lowe is back with his Hollyweird Trivia Challenge, and this time is is tackling Romantic Comedies.
You don't have to enter today-you have 6 days, so that's plenty of time to figure out the anawer (Although I guarantee it's an easy one) winner gets a$10 amazon Gift Card!
 All you have to do to enter is visit his blog.(E's blog) the direct link belowto the post is here: http://vanlowe.blogspot.com/2011/02/hollyweird-tuesday-trivia-challenge-6.html
it also helps if you spread the word: blog about it, Tweet, shout it from thr rooftops (well, ok, you don;t have to do THAT one)
and the trivia question? well, you wil have to visit E.'s blog for that.
Good Luck!!
Lasergirl Lisa

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